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Here's your new dating process: There are two other love-finding tips I want to share with you. I'm so clear I'm not perfect, but he swears I'm perfect for him.

First, do what you haven't been doing: go on more dates or dress differently. That's a pretty great feeling, and a feeling you, too, deserve to have.

The full-on green cover may be better suited to the expression “green with envy,” but, as Levine says, “envy and jealously are often confused.” The overarching goal was to ensure that the cover didn’t take on a synthetic quality. “Often, I try to create a poster impact, but as PT is a general interest magazine, we’re essentially selling the idea of being a person.

I wanted to tie the cover to the gut emotion of jealousy.” DESIGNER’S COMMENTS “Visually, this is a very arresting cover.

However, the constraints of a one-day shoot offered little time to experiment with alternative shades of green.

While initially Psychology Today considered “making her [the cover model’s] eyes green to represent jealousy, as in the expression ‘green-eyed monster,’ it was actually distracting,” says Levine.

With him out of commission, lumpy duty fell entirely to me.It was actually rather satisfying in that repetitive task way, and while I worked, I thought about how sweet Shake’s mom had always been to me and how happy she was to finally “get a daughter” (having only unmarried sons until the point Shake and I got hitched).I’m so glad that Shake’s mom taught me how to make these, and shared this part of her family with me.But no matter the time of year we visited, for nearly every one of those dozen years, we had “lumpies.” On my first Thanksgiving visit to Hilo, Shake’s mother taught me how to make lumpia (the Filipino version of spring rolls).Shake says that for some reason, since he was a kid, they referred to lumpia as “lumpies.” I thought it was cute. So instead of spending New Year’s with his mom (whose birthday fell on New Year’s Eve), we returned to the tradition of going to my parents’ house.

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