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But many Somalis, who are Muslim and tend to have traditional, tight-knit families, found American urban life too violent, too drug-ridden, too infused with consumer culture. I’ll never get used to the snow.'” But there were considerations other than weather when Somali elders met one night in late 2000 in a three-bedroom Atlanta apartment to devise a sahan plan that would merge the age-old practice with the modern conveniences of air travel, the Internet, and cell phones.

“Our children started changing there,” says Ali, who spent eight years in Georgia before moving with his wife and five children to Lewiston almost three years ago. Groups of Somalis headed out in every direction—to Kansas City; San Diego; Portland, Maine; Dearborn, Michigan—in search of the right home for their community.

With trembling fingers Abdul Fatah unties the banana skin holding the red-green stalks of khat and steadily pulls away the soft new shoots, discarding the leaves before folding them into a wad and starting to chew.

It is a busy Friday morning in a pretty public garden in Sheffield’s Burngreave area at the heart of the city’s Somali and Yemeni community, the largest outside London. From next Tuesday the chewing of khat, a recreational drug consumed almost exclusively by Britain’s immigrant populations from east Africa and Yemen, becomes illegal.

Women living in Mogadishu's hundreds of refugee camps often stay and don't use communal bathrooms at home at night because of the threat men armed with knives and guns pose to them.

With the installation of 79 solar-powered lights by the Danish Refugee Council in a camp known as Zone K, life has returned to Mogadishu's nights.

Officials had touted the case as a multi-state sex trafficking organization that operated for about a decade in several states, including Minnesota and Tennessee."My client has been living under the cloud of this for almost the past four years, and at this point he’s been acquitted of all the charges. Nine stood trial in April 2012 and after three weeks of testimony and five days of deliberations, six were acquitted by the jury.

I’m very happy for him," said John Nicoll, who represented Kayachith and last year was appointed Coffee County public defender by Gov. Fahra, Kayachith and Yusef were convicted on a charge of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children.

After years in squalid refugee camps, some of them were brought to America by refugee agencies and resettled in Atlanta, Columbus, Memphis, and other cities.Then, with evidence of water ahead, the scouts lead their people and the herds to their next home.Three years ago, an American version of sahan led hundreds of Somali refugees from Atlanta to the sleepy, frozen former mill town of Lewiston, Maine."All the criminal acts that were often committed because of the darkness have considerably gone down," he said.The 79 lights erected on tall poles in the Mogadishu camp cost about ,000 each. The lights "add five productive hours to these small settlements. monitoring group report on Somalia published last month said there are 530 camps in Mogadishu housing internally displaced people, 75 percent of whom are women and children who are particularly vulnerable to sexual attacks.

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