Nextgen gallery thumbnail error updating thumbnail

Why are there weird symbols where the sharing icons should be?

Foo Box 2.0 welcomed in the use of font icons for the navigation arrows, close button, full screen button, loading animation, and all the social sharing icons.

Firefox, for example, is a very well supported and widely used browser, but some security settings put the “Allow pages to choose their own fonts” settings gets set and interferes with font icons.

While that is good for some, it’s boring to others.

More specifically, creatives like photographers and graphic designers.

I was just trying to test the script on your installation when I was logged out and was no longer able to log in. so you click the “Set Next GEN featured image” and this is were the problems start?

We are talking about the following scenario: you are on a single post/page/portfolio and want to set a feature image, and instead of choosing one of the default media library you want to use one of the next gen gallery.

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