Jokes about speed dating

They allow us all to share in a collective groan at the predictable – yet undoubtedly funny – clichés.

These decorated dinner creations, filled with exciting gifts and a colourful Christmas hat, make a fantastic addition to Christmas dinners and parties.

Don’t you just LOVE a terrible Christmas cracker joke?

Christmas jokes are an essentially part of getting us into the Christmas spirit.

Food and drinks will be offered courtesy of Great Dane Coffee and since this is a 19 event, alcoholic drinks will also be for sale.

Some years ago I caved to my curiosity and tried it out myself. When the little buzzer went off after three minutes, I often found myself still trying to explain to my bedazzled dating partner why my last name has four syllables (it is Dutch).

Previous generations had some rather different ideas of how and why dating, or courting should happen.

Let’s look at the past to put modern dating in perspective.

Stephen: Dear Valentine, I want the world to know I love you…

It’s Valentine’s Day next week and I’m writing the cards I’m going to send.

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