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Interpol has joined the hunt for a British teacher who is suspected of murdering his 47-year-old colleague in Burma following a massive drinking session.

Harris Binotti, 26, from Dumfries, Scotland was drinking with Gary Ferguson in Rangoon, Burma in November 2016 on the day of the murder.

Mr Ferguson's body was discovered by his Thai wife in Binotti's apartment. Burmese police believe Binotti fled the country immediately after the murder.

From international superstars to viral internet sensations - Idol was host to some of the most memorable characters on television history, who have stayed busy in their years since the show.In the 15 years American Idol was on air, it propelled the careers of countless talented musicians into the mainstream.For many unlucky others, however, it was the heartbreak of a lifetime as millions of viewers across the nation watched as the hopeful stars had their dreams crushed by the panel of famous judges each week.It wasn’t until videos popped up for some of our favorite jams that we didn’t see a black man or woman, but a white man or woman–and it surprised the hell out of us.A lot of these singers are probably your personal favorites by now, some you may have never heard of, but don’t lie, you know you were telling your friends at one point or another, “Oh snap, I just assumed he/she was black…”You’re not the only one.

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