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Next week, it look like Chelsea and Austen will be having their first date and the previews show Cameran revealing to Shep that they made out.

Shep doesn't seem psyched about it, since he has expressed a lot of serious interest in Chelsea since the beginning of this season.

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By the way, she also doesn’t appear to understand distant cousins ... “Saying that it has anything at all to do, in any way shape or form or 1 percent, with ‘Southern Charm’ makes it a negative as far as I’m concerned,” council member Barbara Bergwerf said in an earlier meeting, according to The Moutlrie News.Not only does he have checked baggage, he has overhead baggage. All I ever see is Twitter saying this or that and I just basically shut it off. You were surprised that he had never been to New York. Also, Sullivan’s Island won’t let us film out there, so that’s really where I hide out. Is there a place you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t been to yet? What else is coming up on the show this season that you are excited for people to see? It will also be the first time that I’m about to link Trovare into a travel thing that we’ve done.He has baggage that is too large and needs to be checked. Where is a place that you do think everyone should visit? So from Trovare you’ll be able to book the hotel where we stayed, see all of the fun bars that we went to, rent the mopeds, shop all of our looks.Each is seeking sole custody of their two children aged one and three and according to Radar Online Thursday, Dennis is now accusing her ex of dating the teen daughter of their kids' nanny.In court documents obtained by the website, the 24-year-old alleges Ravenel, 54, 'has had a romantic relationship' with the girl and 'has encouraged the underage drinking of the nanny’s daughter [redacted] in front of the children! The couple's children, daughter Kenzie, three, and Saint, one, currently live with their father in South Carolina after Dennis failed a court-ordered drug test last June.

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