Dating habits of the earthbound updating 1 1 4 to 2 2

It tells the story of The Male (Billy), a twenty-something accountant, and his budding relationship with The Female (Jenny), an attractive computer worker, described and analyzed (sometimes hilariously inaccurately) by an alien narrator.Want to behold the glory that is 'The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human' in the comfort of your own home?So to aliens, the club where Billy and Jenni meets becomes a hunting ground, and the bouncer is the warrior who is appeased by their offerings of pieces of tree bark (cover charge).

As the relationship progresses and the couple are ready to make love, the narrator explains the reasoning behind condoms (we are treated to a scene featuring men dressed to look like sperms smacking into a rubber wall) and spermicidal cream (otherwise known as the Sperminator, which brings us to a scene of a When the couple have an argument, Billy heads out with his friends to a bar: They force him to consume large amounts of fermented grain in an attempt to kill him.

He was watching one of those nature documentaries where the narrator explains why animals do what they do when they mate.

Dating is strange enough as is, but Abugov wondered what aliens would think if they were to observe human courtship.

A 'mockumentary' that looks at sexual attraction, love, single life, and dating in the late nineties as seen through the eyes of a somewhat clueless, though completly authoritative extra-terrestrial narrator.

The dating and mating rituals of a "typical" male and female couple are presented as a nature documentary in this hilariously sexy romantic comedy starring Carmen Electra and Mackenzie Astin.

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