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What We Say: 3D Sex Villa 2 has taken 3D sex games (virtual sex) to a new level with a much richer game play, more realistic sex, and customization capabilities that are out of this world.

On the surface, its a well made hack of Fire Red, however the story drew me in like few other Pokemon Hacks have. was the first game that I got for the Magnavox Odyssey 2. I love Space Invaders, when I seen this game I just had to have it.

I tend to enjoy Pokemon hacks that take away the standard "Trainer" class, where you're not from the main town, and you don't go to the Prof to get your starter, so this game was great for me. Now, just from the name you should be able to guess what this is a clone of. My thought was "how could they mess up Space Invaders?

From QLED, to smart, to curved, Samsung Electronics' experiments in TVs have drawn both praise and ridicule.

Here's a look at what Samsung has been up to lately.

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